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 Who do I help?
Common concerns:
  • Employment policies not up to dealing with a recession.
  • Performance management issues that drag on.
  • Short term need for more resource.
  • Need for fresh thinking on employment and employability.
  • Need to spread good practice across diverse learning communities.
  • Tensions between educational values and skills learning.
  • Need to accelerate embedding employability in education programmes.
  • Wish to stimulate enthusiasm for life long learning.
Common sayings:
  • ‘We are in difficult times and we must be sure our employment policies are robust and relevant.’
  • ‘Our contracts of employment have been added to piecemeal over the years and need updating.’
  • ‘I have got a performance management issue that is dragging on and I need help.’
  • ‘I need help in writing guidance on learning skills.’
  • ‘Can you find and write up examples of good practice in career preparation and skills learning?’
  • ‘We want our university to develop strong partnerships with employers so that we can compete across Europe.’
  • 'What are employers really doing to get higher education to help with their skills needs?'
Profile of Organisations:
  • Businesses which need more HR capability short or long term.
  • Higher education bodies seeking to further career management and employability learning initiatives.
  • Organisations that broker business/higher education links.




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